Board of Directors


Board Member


Fred Cross

7480 CR 1152, Snyder, TX 79549-8950

Jerry Boyd

2395 Tuscola Ave, Snyder, TX 79549

Jay Waller

9455 W FM 1606, Ira, TX 79527

Clarence Spieker

1401 Pyron, Hermleigh, TX 79526

Mike Terry

2607 33rd St, Snyder, TX 79549

Jana Young - Tax Collector

1806 25th St, Snyder, TX 79549


The Appraisal District Board of Directors Role in the Property Tax System


The local property tax system follows the principle of checks and balances.  An appraisal district board of directors hires the chief appraiser and sets the budget.  The directors have no authority to set values or appraisal methods. The chief appraiser carries out the appraisal district's legal duties, hires the staff, makes the appraisals and operates the appraisal office.